About Beccari’s

Beccari’s Farm is an IPM practicing sustainable farm.

Beccari’s Farm is an IPM practicing sustainable farm. This approach we use to manage pests is a mixture of cultural, physical, biological, and chemical practices, which in turn produces a healthy, economical and environmentally friendly crop:

  • Cultural - Use of crop rotation, tractor and hand cultivation and removal of sanitation problems.
  • Physical - Use of trap lures and timing to miss the peak insect infestation.
  • Biological - Use and protection of organisms that help in controlling problems.
  • Chemical - Use of legally labeled chemicals in the correct rate for the problem without destroying the beneficial insects.

We use contour strips for our crops following soil conservation recommendations. This protects our land and helps stem further soil erosion on the hillsides.

Of course, we constantly are watching the weather as it plays an important factor in what and when we do our chores on the farm.

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  • Fruits of the Farm
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  • Country Apple