In 1963, Mary Beccari started The Beccari’s Farm Market. It began with a bushel of apples that she sold “self-serve” style from a picnic bench. This first stand lasted for about three years. It then evolved into a small 8-foot by 8-foot lean-to, which was washed away by a flood only two years later. Then, with used lumber from a demolished house nearby, a larger building and in-ground cooler was built. That building stood from 1968 to 1991 when the new brick building – the present-day home of Beccari’s Farm Market – was built.

The Beccari’s have been in farming since the early 1900′s. The basis of the business had been wholesaling down at the strip in Pittsburgh. But in the early 1960′s, Mary saw the coming change in the produce market. People wanted fresher and better produce than the grocery stores could supply. The farm market was a way to get the freshest produce to the consumer and cut out the middleman.

It’s the new millennium and that’s what we’re still doing.

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Pies include:
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  • Blackberry
  • Fruits of the Farm
  • Blueberry
  • Country Apple